13 - 15 April, 2024


Embassy Suites by Hilton Miami International Airport

Business Spotlight Spring 2024 - Embrace 

the Sunshine State!

Picture yourself on Florida’s coastline. Feel the sun’s warmth and join a community full of fresh ideas. Florida's beaches, top resorts, and tasty seafood set the scene for our business event this spring.

Join us for three unforgettable days:

  • Learn new business tips from top leaders from North America and Europe. 

  • Find out how to grow your business worldwide. 

  • Get expert business advice in a special class led by our best leaders. 

  • Boost your business overseas with tips from our top team. 

When: 13 - 15 April, 2024 

Where: Embassy Suites by Hilton Miami International Airport, 3974 NW S River Dr, Miami, FL, 33142, USA

Who can attend:

- Days 1-2: Open to all Club Members

- Day 3:

  • Exclusive to Silver Directors and above based on February or March results;

  • Directors with GV 750+ based on February or March or April results*.

*IMPORTANT: Payments made for the 3rd day are non-refundable if the conditions are not met.

Language: Primary event language is English, with Russian and Spanish translations available (contingent upon recruitment of minimum 10 Spanish-speaking participants)


Current ticket prices only valid until November 30, 2023

Days 1-2 & Meal Ticket: $289*

- Open to all club members

- Includes morning Coffee/Tea and Pastries

- Includes a Lunch Service on Saturday and Sunday

Day 3: $50*

- Can only be purchased in addition to the Days 1-2 ticket

- Includes morning Coffee/Tea and Pastries

- Exclusive to ranks of Directors with GV 750+ or Silver Directors and above*

* Please note:

- Prices include all taxes and fees.

- Tickets are not refundable after February 1st 2024.

Payment options:

  • Bonus Account: Available to all Club Members with a rank of Director or higher

  • Online via PayPal: Make payment within 14 days of submitting your application, or the system will automatically cancel it

Payment for "third-party" applications:

  • Gold Directors and above (based on the last reporting month) can cover their admission, plus two other Club Member tickets using a future bonus payment deduction.

  • Executive rank Club Members (not necessarily event attendees, based on the last reporting month) can pay for an unlimited number of Club Member tickets.

IMPORTANT: Refunds are available until February 1, 2024. After February 1, only replacements are allowed! Please, make sure to inform us through Customer Support, know when you find a replacement.

For any questions, contact the Customer Support:

Every Coral Club event is carefully designed to inspire, educate, and elevate your skills within the MLM sphere. We endeavor to cultivate a positive and diverse environment for all attendees.

Here are some tips to maximize your conference experience:

  • Be punctual – the cornerstone of professional etiquette.
  • Be an active participant by actively listening and contributing.
  • Be aware of your non-verbal communication.
  • Please adhere to the business casual dress code.
  • Plan group outings during breaks, not during presentations.
  • Coral Club products are available for purchase during program breaks.
Given the business-oriented nature of our conference and its demand for undivided attention, we respectfully suggest refraining from bringing children under 6 to the event.

  • Children ages 6-13 are welcome to attend at no charge.

  • Teenagers ages 13-18 benefit from a reduced ticket price of 50% at the time of registration (excluding conference package).

  • Attendees 18 years and older will be charged full ticket price, regardless of rank.

Please ensure that young attendees are supervised at all times. Their safety and wellbeing are the responsibility of their parents or guardians.

To enhance your event experience and recognize your achievements, we've established the following priority seating arrangement:

  • VIP seating, rows 1-2 — Reserved exclusively for Executives.

  • Seating 3rd row onwards — General seating.

Please respect our NO SEAT RESERVATIONS policy!