September 21-23, 2024


DoubleTree by Hilton Sacramento


Success stories bring us together

Welcome to the event where every story reveals new perspectives and horizons. Sacramento Wave will become your compass on the path of professional growth and the pursuit of well-being.


  • Echo of Great Achievements: Hear stories of how ordinary people overcame obstacles and achieved even the most ambitious goals through perseverance and company tools;
  • Opportunity Gallery: Meet like-minded individuals who are willing to share their experience and knowledge, enriching your leadership journey;
  • Inspiration Arena: Learn how your path can be the starting point for building a strong community of like-minded individuals.


Register for the event to paint your unique picture of success like an artist!

When: 21.09.2024 – 23.09.2024

Where: DoubleTree by Hilton Sacramento, 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA 95815

For whom:

- Day 1 and Day 2 of the event are open to all active Club Members;

Day 3*: for Club Members with the rank Director and higher who closed the rank from April to August, 2024;

For new Club Members who registered in September, 2024 the only requirement is Group Volume of 250

*Attention! In case of failure to fulfill the terms of the promotion, there is no refund for participation in Day 3 of the event.

Language: English is the main language of the event, there will also be translation into Russian and Ukrainian (if there are 10 participants who speak one of the available languages).

Participation fee for Day 1 and Day 2 of the event*: 

  • before 30.06.2024: 

For all participants: $299

* Participation fee includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday as well as all taxes and fees.

Participation in Day 3 of the event can be purchased in addition to a ticket for Days 1 and 2: $50.


Forms of payment:
  • PayPal payment system; online payment by bank card.
If you choose this option, it is important to pay for your participation within 10 days of submitting your application or the system will automatically cancel it.
  • From your bonus account.

A participant with the rank from Director (according to the latest reporting month) can pay for application from his bonus account during registration till 31st of August inclusive.

Application payment from the bonus account for partners:

  • Distributor with the rank from closed Gold Director and higher (rank according to the latest reporting month) can pay from his receipt for his application plus 2 additional applications;
  • Distributor with the rank from closed Executive can pay for any number of applications.

Important! Refunds for paid applications are available until 30th of June. From the 1st of July only replacements are possible!

When you find a participant to replace you, please inform the organizers.


In case of any questions please contact our support team: 

  • by number +1-844-224-9987;
  • in messengers +1(437)229-3572 (WhatsApp, Telegram);

Each event organized by Coral Club is designed to motivate, educate and develop skills in the MLM sector. It is a safe space for all participants, regardless of their views and nationality.

Here are some guidelines for conference participants:

  • Be punctual - it is an important element of business etiquette.

  • Listen carefully to presentations and participate in open discussions.

  • Watch your nonverbal communication.

  • Dress in a business casual style.

  • Avoid group exits from the hall during speeches - it is better to do it during the break.

  • Coral Club products can only be bought and sold during break times.

Dear friends, our event will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel located at 2001 Point West Way Sacramento, CA 95815. And for your comfort, we have provided the opportunity to book a room at special rates!

The dates are September 21-23.

This is the best accommodation option for event participants as you won't have to spend time on transportation!
Other facilities include:

- indoor/outdoor pools

- fitness center

- patio

- restaurant

- and much more!

We have a special offer of $149 per night for all participants!


To receive a special discount for event participants, book your room:

  • by number 1-833-570-3873 providing a referral code 92C.

Coral Club does not recommend bringing children under 1 year of age to the event.

    • Participation for children from 1 to 4 years old is free of charge.
    • Teens aged 4 to 14 can participate at a discounted rate of 50% of the ticket price at the time of registration (excluding conference package).
    • From age 14 and up, payment of the full ticket price is required.

We do not recommend leaving children unattended. It is the responsibility of the parents or caretakers to ensure their safety.
To ensure that your stay at the event is comfortable and reflects your achievements, please read the priority seating rules:

    • VIP-parter from 1 to 2 rows - personalized seating
    • From the 3rd row - free seating

Reservation of seats in the hall is not available.