May 11-12


DoubleTree by Hilton Krakow Hotel


All Club Members are welcome to attend the event!

Cost of the event:
The cost of the event is calculated automatically and is based on the internal company exchange rate.

Types of admission:
Ticket price: - 125 EUR
The cost of the event includes admission, gift and lunch (2 days).

Dear friends!

Participate in our wonderful excursion to Krakow. Admire picturesque views, the beauty of its architecture, palaces and cathedrals. Learn about its amazing history.

Excursion – 10 EUR

Payment method:
  1. Cash payments can be made in regional sales offices;
  2. You may pay using your bonuses, as a Bonus Check Deduction. This form of payment is available for Club Members with the rank of Director or higher:
    • Directors can pay for their own tickets;
    • Silver Directors can pay for themselves and for two other club members;
    • Gold Directors (and higher) can pay for their own ticket and for any number of other club members.

Once you register for the event, please pay for the ticket(s) within 14 days from the registration date.

If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact our Event Department via
or call: 7 (919)-100-83-77 (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber).


Kraków Tourist Attractions

Welcome to Krakow – the city of Polish kings, marvelous architecture and glorious history.

Kraków, a city where tradition meets modernity in full harmony, where the care for centuries-old heritage is accompanied by the development of modern technologies.

If you are coming to the European Convention Spring 2019, stay in this unique city for at least one day to enjoy a cultural break in enchanting Krakow!

Kraków Tourist Attractions: Old town, Wawel Castel and Wawel dragon, the Cloth Hall, Barbican, Main Square, St. Florian's Gate, St. Mary's Basilica with Veit Stoss altarpiece, Jagiellonian University and it’s oldest building Collegium Maius. No visit to Kraków would be complete without a tour of Kazimierz.

The Old Town is an ideal district for sightseeing as it is free of traffic and you can enjoy a quiet walk and some fresh air.

We recommend to start and finish your walking tours in the bus and train stations areas.

Do not forget to visit the charming Planty Park that surrounds the Old Town.

More information about the city can be found here:,


DoubleTree by Hilton Krakow Hotel 

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