May 14-15, 2024


online conference


A closed event for Extra-leaders

 "True leaders are not born - it is experience, perseverance, and dedication to their mission that creates them" 

Napoleon Hill

We invite the most successful partners of the company to an exclusive event, which will allow you to evaluate your achievements from the outside and highlight points of possible growth - Executive Training.

At a large-scale networking session together with the company's top leaders we will discuss:

— new business development strategies;
— effective ways of productive work with the team;
— opportunities and reference points for scaling the structure;
— the image of a successful leader that one would like to follow.

Register at the privileged event!

When: May 14-15, 2024

For whom:
— Silver Executives and higher based on results of February, March and April 2024 with total sales volume* from 75.000 points and higher;

— Existing and new Silver Executives based on results of April 2024 with total sales volume* from 25.000 points and higher.

Format: online

Participation fee: 100$

Form of payment: after the participant meeting the criteria, the amount equivalent to 100$ will be deducted from the participant's bonus account.

In case of any questions related to the event please ask Coral Club Event Department:
— by number +42(073)967-67-22 (WhatsApp);
— by email