July 13–14, 2024


Moscow, Live Arena



These have been 25 years of riding the wave of success, exciting events and fast growth. Join our successful team confidently advancing toward the future and register for the most anticipated event of 2024!

When? July 13–14, 2024.

Where? Live Arena Moscow.

Who? All active Club Members can participate.

Event language: Russian.

Participation fee:

RUB 6,900 for all from September 1, 2023.

RUB 7,900 for all from January 1, 2024.

RUB 8,900 for all from April 1, 2024.

RUB 9,900 for all from July 1, 2024.

Payment options:

1. With cash at our offices.

With cash at our offices. Please make sure to make your payment within 14 days of filing an application or it will be canceled automatically.

2. From your bonus account.

From your bonus account. All Club Members that have a rank of Director or higher can use this option. The funds will be debited automatically on the seventh day of the month in which you filed your application.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Only Club Members with a rank of closed Silver Director or higher (as calculated for the last closed reporting month as of the registration day) will be able to pay for registration from their bonus account starting from July 1, 2024.

3. Via card.

You will get an email with a link. Be sure to make your payment within 14 days or your registration will be canceled automatically.

4. Payment for other Club Members.

  • A Silver Director Distributor (as of the last closed reporting month) can pay for their own plus three more applications from their bonus account.

  • A Diamond Director Distributor (as of the last closed reporting month) can pay for their own plus five more applications from their bonus account.

  • Distributors with the rank of Executive or higher can pay for as many applications as they want.

PLEASE NOTE! Registration payments are non-refundable. However, another Club Member can take your place. Please inform the organizers once you find a substitute.

For any questions, please refer to the Coral Club Event Department: 

  • +7 919 100 83 77 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber).

Any event held by Coral Club is a place to get motivated, learn, and develop MLM skills, as well as a safe space for everyone regardless of their beliefs or nationality.

This is why we have established the following rules for the conference participants:

1. Be respectful.

2. Do not make any political statements, discuss news, offer relevant opinions, or provoke other Members to discuss political topics.

3. Do not criticize or insult other Members, swear in public spaces, or make statements that are immoral, go against business ethics, or contradict the law.

4. Be mindful of your health: should you feel unwell or have any health concerns, please refrain from taking part in the conference. Following these rules is essential for taking part in the event.

Coral Club advises against bringing children under the age of six. The participation fee for children aged six to sixteen is 50% of the ticket price as of the registration date (excluding the conference package). Children of all ages must be accompanied by adults at all times when in the hall or lounge of Live Arena. The responsibility for unaccompanied minors rests entirely with their parents/guardians or the persons supervising them.

To purchase a child ticket, please contact the organizers with the child’s birth certificate or passport attached.
Contact number: +7 919 100 83 77 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

To make sure that your experience at the event is as comfortable as possible and meets your expectations, please read our

priority seating rules:

1. VIP seats at the table are for Club Members with a rank of Gold Executive or higher as of the end of April and May 2024. You can take a first-degree relative (spouse) with you. The fee is RUB 14,000 per person.

2. VIP seats in rows 7 through 11 are for Club Members with a rank of Silver Executive or higher as of the end of April and May 2024. You can take your spouse with you.

3. VIP seats starting from row 12 are available for everyone.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Executives who have not met the promotion requirements for priority seating will be moved to free seats remaining after the promotion conditions check.

Reserving seats for your hierarchy

Club Members with the rank of Executives or higher with more than ten people from the hierarchy invited can use our block seat reservation service. 

The maximum number of seats available for reservation depends on the rank: 
20 seats for Executives
25 seats for Silver Executives
30 seats for Double Silver Executives 
50 seats for Gold Executives 
100 seats for Diamond Executives and higher 

Please submit a scanned copy of your free-form written application to the Company.
In the application, please specify your personal information (club number and full name), the number of seats you want to book, a guarantee that you will provide the list of participants before December 2023, and a guarantee of payment with your check for unused seats if the block of seats booked for you is not bought out by the event date. 

Please send your application to the Coral Club Event Department via WhatsApp: +7 919 100 83 77 

IMPORTANT NOTICE! If the block of seats booked for your hierarchy is not bought out by the event date, the Company will charge the cost of unused seats from your bonus account at the price valid as of the current date.