March 22 - 30, 2024




Recharge with the Energy of a Country Boasting a 5000-Year History in an Exclusive Journey

Executive Vacation — Coral Club's esteemed token of appreciation for leaders instrumental in the company's stable and rapid development. This year, we invite our executives to the sunny and dynamic India, a land of iconic events and rich culture.

India, a vibrant tapestry of over 400 languages and dialects, is home to the colorful Holi festival, picturesque tea plantations, and some of the world's spiciest cuisines. In 2023, it hosted the influential G20 Summit, discussing global economic development. In 2024, it's where Coral Club's leaders will gather!

This spring, embark on an adventure reserved for the best of the best!

When: March 22-30, 2024

Where: India

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Leaders of rank Silver Executive or higher who maintained this rank from January to December 2023 are eligible.

  • The BQV* point requirements for participation have been updated from the previous year:

  • If the previous requirement was 270,000 BQV* points, the new requirement is 300,000 points.

  • For every subsequent 30,000-point threshold in the previous event (up to 550,000 points), the new requirement increases by 30,000 points.

  • The highest threshold for this event is 600,000 points, applicable to those who needed 550,000 points for the last event.

  • First-time invitees to Executive Vacation who have maintained an Executive rank or higher during the promotion period and accumulated at least 270,000 BQV* points are also welcome.

For questions, contact the Coral Club Events Department at +42 073 967 67 22.