13-20 March


Turkey, Belek



We invite you to our sunny spring conference!

We will meet in a few months at a large-scale event, where you will find:

    Inspiring speeches and motivating insights fr om Coral Club leaders;

    Personal and professional growth with the possibility of expanding your team;

    New business tools;

    Networking and the exchange of experience with like-minded people;

    Work in groups - practical skills training, accompanied by the leaders of the company;

    A powerful charge for reaching new heights from experienced mentors who will share their experience, best practices, and practical advice.


Very soon there will be news about the venue of the conference, the cost of hotel accommodation, and all the necessary information for your comfortable trip.


The event will take place in April. The dates will be announced later.


We invite to participate:

1. All distributors with the rank of Emerald Director or higher in January and February of 2022.

2. Those distributors who realize (or confirm) a new Gold Director rank or higher in February of 2022.


Conference participants - Distributors from the rank of new Gold Director and above can invite relatives and friends (who would otherwise not have the right to attend the conference).

The cost of participation in the conference is 120 euros.

Forms of payment for participation:

1. In cash at a sales office:

    To confirm the application, full payment must be made within 14 days from the date of registration. Without payment, the application will be canceled.

    For this type of payment, installments are not provided.

2. From your bonus account:

    Only Gold Directors and above for the last closed reporting month can pay for their participation by check. The funds will be automatically debited on the 7th of the current month at the time of application.

3. Payment by card:

    You will receive a link by email which you will need to follow and pay for your participation.

    To confirm the application, full payment must be made within 14 days from the date of registration. Without payment, the application will be canceled.

Our hospitality service is already engaged in the selection of the hotel and the formation of the best price. As soon as this process comes to an end, we will notify all participants about the possibility to issue an installment plan with payment up to the start of the event.

Attention! The number of seats in the hall is limited!

Dear leaders, by purchasing a conference package for 120 euros, you reserve a place in the hall and guarantee your participation.

Refunds for participation in the conference are not provided.

Therefore, we ask you to consciously approach the registration. If you are not sure that you can fulfill the conditions of the promotion, do not pay for participation.

Pay when you fulfill the conditions of the promotion (or when you are as confident in your abilities as we are confident in you :)).

Hurry up while there are still seats in the hall!

See you at the event!

If you have any questions, you can contact the Coral Club event organization department from 10:00-19:00:

+7 919 100 83 77 (WhatsApp, Viber);