October, 16-23


Nirvana Cosmopolitan 5* Hotel, Antalya, Turkiye


Get ready to go on a journey of knowledge, motivation and acquaintances

Gold for Gold 2023 is an exclusive event where each participant will effectively upgrade their business skills, get the secrets to achieving large-scale goals and will be able to exchange experiences with like-minded people from around the world.

It includes:

  • Inspiring speeches and motivating insights from TOP Coral Club leaders
  • Practicing the acquired knowledge during master classes, trainings and intensive courses 
  • Effective tools for the structure development

Your way to success lies through Gold for Gold 2023.


From October 16 to October 23


Nirvana Cosmopolitan 5* Hotel – Antalya, Turkiye

Who can attend?

Distributors who meet the following qualifications:

1. In the rank of Emerald Director or higher for August and September 2023.

2. Gold Directors and above, who for the first time opened or confirmed the rank in one of the months during the qualification period – from March 2023 to September 2023, at the same time they must confirm the Gold Director rank for August and September 2023.

The price of the conference participation – 160 EUR

Form of payment:

1. From bonus account:

When choosing payment from the bonus account, your rank should be not lower than Gold Director.

For participants from the rank of Golden Director and above (according to the last closed reporting month), at the time of payment from the bonus account, an installment plan for 6 months is provided. Payment will be deducted automatically every month in equal parts (April 07, May 07, June 07, July 07, August 07, September 07) if registered before April 01. After March 31 2023, the installments will be for 5 months. After August 31, installments will not be available.

2. With cash at the sales office:

To confirm the registration full payment must be made within 14 days from the date of registration. The registration will be cancelled if not paid for.

3. With card:

Card payment is available only on the territory of the Russian Federation.

- You will receive a link to your E-mail, which you will need to open and pay for your participation.

- To confirm the registration, full payment must be made within 14 days from the date of registration. The registration will be cancelled if not paid for.

ATTENTION! There is no refund option available. It is only possible to change the name of the participant until September 15. When you find another person to participate, please inform the managers about it to make changes to the registration.

Gold for Gold opens up new perspectives for each participant. Hurry up while we still have spots! 

For any questions please contact Coral Club Event Department at: 

+7 919 100 83 77 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

Conference rules

Please note that “Gold for Gold" conference participants shall stay only at the hotel provided by the Company. Independent travel arrangements through third-party travel agencies are not possible.

Gold for Gold Conference participant rules. 
Any event run by Coral Club is a place of motivation, learning and development of MLM skills, as well as a safe space for all participants regardless of their views and nationalities. 
Therefore, we have created rules to be observed during the conference: 
1. Maintain mutual respect. 
2. It is forbidden to make any political statements, news and assessments and to provoke other participants to discuss political topics. 
3. It is forbidden to judge or insult other participants, to use profanity in public and to make statements that are contrary to morality, business ethics and the law. 
4. Take care of your health: if you feel unwell or fear for your health, do not take part in the conference.   
Observance of these rules is an integral part of the event.

hotel 23.jpeg

Nirvana Cosmopolitan 5*

Nirvana COSMOPOLITAN is located on a territory of 110,000 m2, 25 km from the centre of Antalya and 10 km from the airport of the Turkish city. The hotel is located directly on the beach (first coastline), and has its own sandy beach with a length of 175 m. On the beach, there are comfortable gazebos for relaxation.

Don't know what to do in your free time away from a busy conference?

The Nirvana Cosmopolitan 5* hotel has everything for active recreation:

  • 5 indoor multifunctional fitness centres with a total area of 3,000 m2

  • 2 professional basketball courts

  • playgrounds for volleyball, handball and other sports

  • 3 tennis courts

  • treadmills with tartan and sandy surfaces

  • outdoor and indoor pools

Participant accommodation

Check-in time: 02:00 PM

Check-out time: 12:00 PM

The conference participants are accommodated in Superior Standard rooms with an area of 32 sq. m with a side sea view. All rooms have a balcony, a mini-bar (soft drinks, water), a Nespresso coffee machine, a tea set, a hairdryer, bathrobes and slippers, central air conditioning, a table with a makeup mirror and Wi-Fi. Ironing service is available for an additional fee.

All-inclusive MEALS 24/7, including local and imported alcoholic beverages.

Breakfast: 07:00-11:00 AM

Lunch: 12:30-02:30 PM

Dinner: 07:00-09:30 PM

Children's buffet: 06:30-08:00 PM

In addition to the main restaurant, the hotel has Asian, traditional Turkish, snack restaurant, burger and sandwich style restaurant, oriental, as well as a healthy and vegetable food restaurant. In the hotel bars you can enjoy light drinks, delicious coffee, water, desserts and ice cream.

A detailed schedule of all restaurants and bars is available in the guest card, which you will receive upon arrival and check-in at the hotel.


  • Restaurants a la carte: THE SEA CLUB, Steakhouse (25 euros)

  • All bottled alcoholic beverages, special local and foreign wines and champagne, premium alcoholic beverages

  • SPA centre

Please note that accommodation in other hotels is prohibited.

For all questions related to participation at the event, please contact the Event Department on business days from 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM:

Check-in date October 16, 2023 from 02:00 PM

Check-out date October 23, 2023 until 12:00 PM

The cost of staying per night on standard dates.

Hotel Nirvana Cosmopolitan 5*

Deluxe rooms
Adult 1
Adult 2
TOTAL for room per day, USD
1 adult

1 adult +
1 child (0-11 years old)

2 adults

2 adults +
1 child (0-11 years old)

2 adults +
2 children (0-11 years old) (3-11 years old)
156.45 54.60

The national currency exchange rate is calculated according to the internal rate of the event. The total cost of participation will be calculated in the national currency of your country.

In case of changes to the period of stay at the hotel, inform the manager before buying airline tickets and no later than September 15, 2023, so that your request can be sent to the hotel to confirm the room. Availability of rooms on other dates is not guaranteed.

The cost of a medical insurance certificate for Russian Federation citizens is included in the cost. If citizens of the Russian Federation do not reside in Russia, medical insurance is extra. In this case, the cost of insurance is CU 5 per day (CU 40 for the stay period fr om October 16 to October 23). Insurance payments are not refundable.

For foreign participants, the deadline for issuing an insurance certificate through the company is September 15th. The cost of insurance is CU 5 per day (CU 40 for the stay period from from October 16 to October 23). Insurance payments are not refundable.

Terms of insurance from the insurance company Soglasie (in the host country Turkey):

1. At the initial request for medical care, a deductible of 25 euros is paid.

2. The maximum amount of coverage for expenses in the insured event:

- 35,000 euros for Russian Federation citizens, wh ere coverage is included, also for COVID.

3. Insurance coverage for foreign citizens is 5,000 euros in the case of COVID and 30,000 euros in connection with other insured events.

4. In the case of mandatory quarantine (with a positive COVID test), the amount of insurance coverage for hotel accommodation is 100 euros per day per person for the entire quarantine period.

5. In case of a positive test for COVID, the return airline ticket is also covered according to the rules prescribed in the insurance certificate.

6. In case of quarantine (but with a negative test for COVID), insurance coverage for accommodation and a return airline ticket are not provided.

The availability of medical insurance covering COVID is mandatory for the duration of the trip. We ask you to carefully study the insurance conditions of the insurance company Soglasie:

Insurance for Russian citizens, Insurance for foreigners.

If these insurance conditions do not meet your requirements, you can purchase insurance from another insurance company.

IMPORTANT! The insurance that you purchase yourself must cover the costs of COVID.

A copy of your insurance certificate, which you purchased yourself, must be sent to the managers of the event department by September 15, 2023 via: +7 (919)-100-83-77 (WhatsApp, Viber). In the absence of this information, an insurance certificate from the company will be added and issued to you by September 15, 2023.


Participation in the conference is paid separately – CU 160.

Attention! In case of non-fulfilment of the promotion, a refund for the paid application is not provided. Only substitutions with other participants are possible. If you find a substitute, please notify the organizers.

For conference participants from Moscow, there is an opportunity to purchase company-sponsored airfare. The cost of airfare for standard dates is 540 c.u. round trip. Tickets for other dates only on request and the price will be different.

Charter flight schedule Moscow - Antalya:

1) Flight: 16.10.2023 Moscow - Antalya

Airline: Turkish Airlines TK 3739

Departure airport - Vnukovo (Terminal A)

Departure time: 02:40

Arrival time - 06:50

2) Flight: 16.10.2023 Moscow - Antalya

Airline: Turkish Airlines TK 3733

Departure airport - Vnukovo (Terminal A)

Departure time - 1:45 p.m.

Arrival time - 17.55

Annulia-Moscow charter flight schedule:

1) Flight: 23.10.2023 Antalya-Moscow

Airline: Turkish Airlines TK 3738

Departure time: 20:30

Arrival time: 01:00+1 (arriving at Vnukovo airport). Important: Departure 24.10.2023

2) Flight: 23.10.2023 Antalya - Moscow

Airline: Turkish Airlines TK 3732

Departure time: 07:35

Arrival time: 12:05

Baggage allowance:

20 kg baggage allowance.

Please note: Flight departure time and airport are subject to change.

Please be at the airport well in advance, as check-in closes 60 minutes prior to departure. There is no online check-in option.

A copy of your self-purchased ticket should be forwarded to our events managers by September 15, 2023 by calling: +7 (919)-100-83-77 (WhatsApp, Viber).

For the event participants who purchase a flight to Antalya through the company, a transfer to the hotel is provided for an additional fee of CU 10.

Participants arriving on their own will need to transfer to the hotel on their own. Transfer to the hotel can be ordered through the transport company Transferia (the staff speak Russian) by phone:

+90 541 487 52 60 (WhatsApp), if you mention that you are a member of the Coral Club conference, approximate cost of the transfer from the airport to the hotel is $25, the car capacity is 5 persons.

The conference Gold for Gold will be held at the Nirvana Cosmopolitan 5* hotel, located 10 km from the airport.

Address: Güzeloba Mah. Yaşar Sobutay Bulvarı No: 32 Lara 07230 Muratpaşa, Antalya

Attention! All passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of the country departure.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our events department by e-mail:, as well as by phone: +7 (919)-100-83-77 (WhatsApp, Viber available).

Beginning June 1, 2022, no additional documents (such as PCR tests, antigen tests, or vaccination certificates) are required to enter Turkey.

1. In case of official closure of borders due to the pandemic and the inability to leave their country or enter Turkey, participants are solely responsible for the purchased accommodations – the cost will not be reimbursed by the hotel.

2. The company assumes the risks of the conference package, the funds for conference participation (CU 160) will be refunded.

3. If the CM has registered for the event, paid for hotel accommodation, but has not fulfilled the promotion condition, in this case the cost of accommodation and conference participation will not be reimbursed by the hotel. Participant substitutions are possible until September 15, 2023. As soon as you find a substitute, please inform the managers to make changes to the documents.

Registration for the «Gold for Gold - Fall 2023» event has been completed, as there are no vacant spots in the hotel and in the conference hall.

If you have any questions, please contact the organizers by phone: +7 919 100 83 77 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram).